Spirit Energy continues its relentless commitment to all its people by rolling out the game changing CorLife health and wellbeing app to the entire workforce

Spirit Energy, a leading independent European oil and gas operator, will roll out the revolutionary CorLife health and well-being app to its entire workforce of 1,100 people. Recent trials have shown that CorLife demonstrably reduces mental and physical illness in the workplace:

·         Mental wellbeing and vitality increased by 20%

·         Overweight employees lost an average weight of 5kg each

·         90% of those with hypertension reduced their blood pressure to normal levels

·         80% of those at risk of diabetes returned to a normal state 

CorLife utilises leading medical expertise and elite sport experience to deliver healthier, happier and better performing employees. Critically in the context of COVID-19, the app is delivered remotely via smartphone and wearable tech and will reduce the risk of serious medical consequences from contracting the virus.

Dr Adam Carey, CorLife’s CEO said: “The Coronavirus outbreak has reinforced the critical importance of maintaining mental and physical health. A Lancet study found that coronavirus can cause more severe symptoms in people with heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. CorLife has proven to be highly effective at preventing these conditions and can be easily accessed by those working from home. There has never been a more pressing time for companies to proactively invest in their peoples’ health to help protect as well as recover from this virus.”

“Our employees are our greatest asset and their health and wellbeing is our number one priority. Mental health is very important to us and to our teams – we believe CorLife will have a strong impact on our colleagues’ resilience and, particularly at this time, will support everyone at Spirit Energy to improve their mental and physical health.”

Chris Cox, Spirit Energy’s CEO