The 2020 Rebalance: Positive health behaviour changes we’ll take into 2021

2020 has presented us all with unexpected turns that have challenged us both mentally and physically at home and at work. With these changes, the human mind and body will have begun to learn how to adapt and achieve great things, allowing us to control what is controllable in times of uncertainty.

2020: Accelerating our adoption of better health behaviours 
Here are some of the health trends that came out of 2020 that will inform our innovation in 2021. 


Fitness is where you lay your mat (at-home, online, outdoor)

By July, Yahoo! Finance reported we saw fitness equipment sales soar in the UK by 5800%! 

Connected tech
Wearable technology continues to be the trend with devices from Apple, Samsung, Garmin and others leading the way. We’re leading the way to connect the data these devices provide with offline data and scientific evidence to provide a full picture of your health and give you the steps to empower you to change. 

Building our body’s immunity
As reported by the BBC, the government has taken action to help support the vulnerable this year by providing Vitamin D supplements to help build bone and muscle resilience. A positive step in prevention to illness. Knowing your blood levels allows you to supplement accurately and effectively. 

Relationships with medical professionals
2020 accelerated our digital accessibility to medical professionals through various communication channels including video and phone consultations. This is helping us support the wider population.

A change to prevention from reaction
Research has shown that 2020 has increased our desire for healthy living by seeking a balanced lifestyle for our body, mind and through the communities we are a part of. The focus on improving your wellbeing will reduce the need for reactive treatments.

Flexitarian diet
Whilst sustainability has become a hot topic on the benefit of reducing our meat consumption, data suggests people seek to reduce their meat consumption to improve their health and weight management. 

Finding emotional work/life balance and self care
With a shift to the majority of the UK population now working from home and this continuing as a trend for the foreseeable future, it is more important than ever for businesses to support their employees. Whilst positive impacts of this shift have driven a change for businesses to re-evaluate their need for physical office space, the underlying unknown outcomes this can have on employees need to be addressed. Read about this here


Health happiness for 2021
We’re encouraged by what’s ahead for CorLife and how we will support our customers on their health happiness journey into 2021. Our innovations will continue to seek opportunities to personalise the user journey and empower individuals with health education and tools to make healthier, happier life choices every day. 

I encourage you to use this holiday break as a time to reflect on some of the positive changes in your life that have come out of 2020 and consciously make choices on what you will carry forward into 2021. Rest, relax and enjoy time with those you love in the coming weeks and we look forward to 2021. 

Go in balance, 
Dr Adam Carey
CorLife Co-Founder and CEO