Fusing medical and sporting excellence

At CorLife we certainly don’t underestimate the importance of our physical health.

And though we don’t profess to be professional athletes, we do recognise that there is a lot to be learnt from their diets, discipline and direction when it comes to their health and fitness.

Indeed, the very foundation of our programme is based on the key learnings we found from working alongside sports teams including Sir Clive Woodward’s Rugby World Cup-winning England team, Michael Vaughan’s Ashes-winning England cricket side, and Jose Mourinho’s Premier League winning Chelsea.

Our brand was born out of a desire to utilise medical expertise and elite sport experience to provide well-being programmes for corporates which create more resilient, healthier, happier and better performing employees. 

And as we try to navigate our current reality of working from home and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, now is as good as time as ever to try and develop some new, healthy habits.

Earlier this week we published a blog about the importance of fibre for gut health alongside some easy tips to up your daily intake. And looking to professional athletes for direction on your diet could be another good source of inspiration for improving your lifestyle.

Headingley hero Ben Stokes has released what a week in the life of his diet and exercise programme looks like – and as could be predicted it’s fibre-rich featuring wholemeal toast, baked beans and lots of veggies!

Though we may not be using this time to prepare for the Ashes, we can learn a thing or two from his diet: 


Have a great Easter weekend, definitely eat some chocolate, but just remember to move a little more to shake down those increased calories!