CorLife improves the mental and physical health of the whole workforce

CorLife, a new well-being app for corporates, has published its first results based on the initial implementation of the programme at a number of multinationals including INEOS and Fujifilm. It found that the app reduced mental and physical illness and the associated costs by improving health and productivity in the workplace.

The results showed that after six months: 

  • Mental wellbeing and vitality was increased by 20%
  • Employees lost an average weight of 5kg each
  • 90% of those with hypertension reduced their blood pressure to normal levels
  • 60% of those at risk of diabetes returned to a normal state 
  • The USA actuaries Health and Wellness at Work found that it delivered ROI over 5x cost plus ROI of £5.20 including productivity gains

CorLife is the digital transformation of CorPerformance’s successful executive level programme. The app was developed in response to demand from clients to provide this programme for the whole workforce. It has the same clinical rigour of the programme but it can be delivered remotely via smart phone or wearable tech. 

Dr Adam Carey, CEO of CorLife and CorPerformance, said:

“We understand the vital importance of employee well-being for company performance, with mental and physical illness now responsible for around a quarter of salary costs. We launched the app following demand from HR at companies who wanted to replicate the benefits of our successful executive programme throughout the workforce and we are delighted that these results deliver on this. 

Looking forward, we expect future demand will also come from employees as the next generation expect more from their employers. A company’s success depends on the quality of their workforce and, in the future, a company must provide greater health benefits – both mental and physical – to attract the best. 

Furthermore, the state of our NHS is a national talking point and with life-style related illnesses accounting for up to a third of annual expenditure of the health service, there is a pressing need for companies to eliminate this additional and – not to mention – preventable pressure by developing healthy habits at work through employee well-being programmes.“

Jim Ratcliffe, Founder and Chairman, INEOS, said: “We were delighted with the impact of the CorPerformance programme on our executive team and we wanted to reproduce these results throughout the company. The trial of CorLife was a huge success and there is absolutely no doubt that it has already helped our people unleash their work potential.”

Ian Wilkinson, COO, Fujifilm, said: “CorLife has provided a major boost to our workforce and we are seeing these results translate into the bottom line. We have seen a clear return on our investment.”