Management Today Business Awards 2021 Winner: Most Successful Reinvention

We’re honoured to be selected as the Winner of 2021 Management Today Business Awards ‘Most Successful Reinvention’.

This timely acknowledgement, given Covid, is a testament of our continued commitment to our business partners’ employees’ health and wellbeing.

Management Today said: “CorLife is a good example of taking an in-person service and successfully digitising it.” It has made an “effective shift into a new segment, with strong signs of impact”.

Our mission is to measurably improve the health of the nation, one business at a time. Over the past three years, we’ve laid the foundations that have taken us from a clinical service targeted at 1-2-1 delivery and transformed this into a technology offering where 1-2-many can be offered, without losing our personalised and individual support. 

Going forward, we will aim to have an even greater impact on the health of the nation through business partnerships. We will do this by:

  • Creating value on investment for our business partners
  • Delivering the best clinical outcomes for our participants
  • Using data to inform, and drive scientifically proven methodology to deliver best-in-class results
  • Driving sustainable health change through thought leadership and winning  the ‘hearts and minds’ of our participants
  • Improving performance as we expand our offering

Smart businesses are putting their people’s health at the epicentre of their business strategy. Want to measurably improve the lives of your workforce and create healthy changes for good? Speak to our team today.