is Corlife?

Changing lives and lifestyles long-term.

Employees want fitter, healthier, happier lives. Employers want fitter, healthier, happier teams.

We know healthy food and sleep are essentials. We know water’s good and exercise vital. We know we’re addicted to screens. We know about moderation and meditation. We know we should be walking and cycling, swimming and gyming.

But knowledge isn’t enough. Stress still costs us and our families. It costs our employers too. Absence costs are 8.5% of a company’s payroll.

Better workplace health and wellbeing are in everyone’s interests, but they’ve gone unsolved for years. Improvements won’t show just because we know the problem… they’ll show when we do something about it.

A performance coach in your pocket.

With screenings and clinical consultations, wearables and data, CorLife accurately bridges the gap between online and off to understand a person’s history, present, personality and goals.

CorLife ensures our personal and professional goals are realistic and accountable, working with our personalities (not against them) to inspire and maintain long-lasting, meaningful results.

CorLife is the digital-first platform from the team of doctors and researchers which brought CorPerformance to the market. CorLife has the most profound clinical heritage of any product or platform out there – it is proven to reduce stress and enhance health and performance.

How does it work?

Why do
need it?

Intensity tells a good story,
consistency has a better ending.

It’s easy to change for the short-term. We can go a month with less of this or more of that. We can last a while on a New Year’s resolution or smash a five-day detox. Intensity is easy, but long-term change without consistent, nourishing, proactive support is not. Most of us revert back to type.

Whether we want to de-stress, improve our health, or realise our professional goals, we need the right blend of knowledge and know-how, support, motivation and analysis to get there. If changing habits was easy, we’d have done it by now.

CorLife enables us to take control of our goals and walk a new path towards them. CorLife breaks down what needs to change, why, and how we can get there, supporting us as individuals (unique, flawed, complex, wonderful individuals) and ensuring we stay on track.

Maintaining healthy supply and demand.

Breakdowns and short-circuits in our minds and bodies occur when the demands placed on us outweigh our physical, mental and emotional resources. We collapse with stress, for example, when we run down the dials in our nutrition, sleep, physical activity, headspace and recovery. Without significant changes in the messages and the fuel we feed on, damaging patterns will repeat like clockwork.

With tracking and measuring, coaching and consultation, CorLife addresses behavioural change from the foundation. It’s not just about changing the big-ticket items up top, CorLife helps us to identify and rewire the unique patchwork of microbehaviours and responses that put barriers between us and progress; between us and our goals.

Why do you need to do it?

Unique Features

  • In-depth health analysis
    CorLife delivers a detailed personal action plan.
  • Based on you
    CorLife identifies milestones on the way to achieving significant new goals.
  • Ongoing education and coaching
    CorLife monitors our progress as we push forwards.


What our clients say
There is no doubt that CorLife has helped our people unleash their work potential.

Jim Ratcliffe Founder and Chairman, INEOS
My team have said, this is one of the best things Lonza has ever done for me.

Richard Ridinger CEO, Lonza