Great Teams are made of Great Individuals…

Having spent the last two decades working with high performing sporting teams it’s fair to say that fitness and team spirit is in my blood, but I couldn’t feel more strongly that those same values make for the lifeblood of any successful business too. 

Success in any team sport rests on the physical fortitude and mental resilience of all its team members, and the same goes for a business and all individual employees – which is why I believe that CorLife can really revolutionise employee wellbeing. And particularly in times like this we can’t underestimate the importance of safeguarding our mental and physical health.

Sir Clive Woodward

There has never been a more pressing time for companies to invest in their peoples’ health to help protect as well as recover from any pandemic.

CorLife provides companies with the tools to help its employees in that eventuality by educating them on how to improve their overall health and hygiene daily, as well as providing easy access to those working from home.

One of my favourite sayings is that “Great Teams are made of Great Individuals,” and I’m a firm believer that if you get every individual within your team performing to their maximum level then you have a real chance of achieving success – in any industry. 

Businesses tend to fixate on the end results and not the process leading to it, but I hold strong that in order to increase productivity you have to invest in the individuals comprising the company.  I’ve always been passionate about bringing out the best performance in my team and I want to bring my experience to others – not just professional athletes. 

In sport the impact of health and wellbeing on performance seems obvious but to me business is absolutely no different to sport. Great companies need great employees performing at their highest level and CorLife provides the tools to succeed both physically and mentally. 

From dedicating my professional life to being a part of and then running high performing teams, I’m now proud to say I’ve teamed up with Dr. Adam Carey and his team at CorLife to help deliver a process designed to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of every individual employee.  

I have totally trusted Adam working with my sports teams for over 20 years – including the England Rugby Team who won the World Cup in 2003 and athletes from Team GB who helped deliver Britain’s best ever medal haul at London 2012. I believe in trying to find 100 things that we could do 1% better  to improve our performance – and that’s where Adam came in. I incorporated his work in nutrition and lifestyle management into my plan and we worked together for over seven years at the RFU, culminating in winning the Rugby World Cup in 2003.  

Sir Clive Woodward

Together we have now taken all of our key learnings and are implementing these practices in the business world with demonstrable success with CorLife.

CorLife delivers clinically proven, sustainable improvements in employee performance, both physically and mentally. It’s a practical window into your overall health. The combination of 6 monthly blood tests and wearable tech provide you with an analysis of how your body is functioning, how well you are sleeping and how much you are physically moving or resting.  This helps leadership teams and employees develop personal resilience, improve productivity and encourage them to perform better under pressure. 

The difference between good and great individuals and teams are that the great ones are willing to regularly do simple things that the good ones just can’t be bothered for.  Great performance is about caring and putting in the effort, even when it’s difficult – and that’s what we strive to do at CorLife.